Photo Credit Jinn Bug Boat Ramp Group Pic 502 Dragon Boat Community Boat Arrival July 2nd

Photo Credit to 502 Dragon Boat Community Member, Jinn Bug.

Ready, Ready?
Membership and practices
are now live!

502 Dragon Boat Community Membership is putting our new boat "Unity" into action! 

Want more info? Please check out these links, and complete interest form below so we can follow up with more information., and answer any questions


ALL Membership levels include access to practice schedule, session signup, early event access, and more!

General membership rate is suggested at $20/month for individuals. Your recurring monthly gift helps us provide equipment, insurance, training, programs, and outreach so that everyone in the Louisville Metro area has a place on the community dragon boat!

Don't let economic hardship keep you from being a 502 Dragons member! Whether you're a student, on a fixed income, or unemployed, we want you to be involved. Our membership program is “sliding scale” based on what you can afford to give. If you can afford more than $20/month, you help provide community support for someone else who can't afford the suggested monthly donation due to economic hardship. 

Corporate Memberships coming soon!

Please Contact Us for more info.

Please complete this form if you would like to request more info before joining.


We'll be in touch to answer your questions,  and will provide more information.

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